Inauguration of the Joint Research Center of the JRI in Khorasan Razavi

The joint research center of the Judiciary Research Institute with the Seminary, Ferdosi University and Justice Organization of Khorasan Razavi was opened in the holy city of Mashhad with the presence of the head of the Judiciary Research Institute (JRI) and a some provincial officials.
According to the public relations and information of the Judiciary Research Institute, the research center is under the leadership of the JRI and the cooperation of Khorasan Seminary, Ferdosi University and Khorasan Judiciary and with the presence of Hojjatul-Islam Mahdi Hadi, the head of the Judiciary Research Institute, Gholam-Ali Sadeghi, the head of the provincial judiciary, Hojjatul-Islam Ali Khayat, the head of Khorasan Seminary and Ahad Zabet, president of Ferdosi University as well as a group of professors of the seminary, university and researchers and judicial officials of Ferdosi University were opened in the building of Mashhad Research Institute.
Hojjatul-Islam Dr. Hadi said in this ceremony: Judiciary Research Institute is active as the only scientific center of judicial system with three research institutes for legal and judicial studies, strategic studies and Islamic judicial studies.
He considered entring into international research topics as one of the new programs in the field of producing international literature rights and added: In new spaces, scientific fields, universities and scientific and research centers are used.
Dr. Zabet, president of Ferdosi University also welcomed the joint research center and said: Scientific spaces are constantly changing and accordingly we must keep up with these changes so that we can be more successful in solving problems and social issues.
Also, Hojjatul-Islam Khayat, president of Khorasan Seminary, appreciated the efforts to create a joint research center and said: There are many capacities in the field in university and judiciary and by combination of these capabilities many social problems will be solved, and in this direction, the local perspective can and should be used.
Chief Justice of Khorasan Razavi also pointed to the judicial system’s efforts to create synergy between different systems and said: the judicial system is located alongside different areas with the aim of solving problems and they should not be neglected. Seminaries, universities, research and scientific centers have a great role in making society healthy, especially in the legislative process, and by doing this, there may be a greater possibility of solving society’s problems.

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