Peace and Friendship in Rumi’s Thoughts

Dr. Iraj Shahbazi, academics member of Tehran University, will be the guest speaker in JRI on Esfand 20th about “Peace and Friendship in Rumi’s Thoughts”.
The meeting will be held on Saturday, Esfand 20th, 1401 (March 11th 2023) and Dr. shahbazi will speak about friendship and peace with an emphasis on Rumi’s thoughts, among the researchers and employees of the Judiciary Research Institute.
The words peace, friendship and reconciliation are some of the most used words since the beginning of human history and have been mentioned a lot in the heavenly and mystical and literary books. Mystics have repeatedly invited people to peace and friendship.
At the beginning of the Mowlana’s Masnavi, Rumi compares the existence of man to a reed separated from its essence and roots, and because of this, he complaines. Those who have returned to their origins would be peaceful and harmless throughout their lives.

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