Planting 150 Saplings in JRI on the Verge of Shaban 15th: Imam Zaman(as) Birthdate

Simultaneously with the middle of Esfand and on the eve of the birth of Imam Zaman(as), 150 saplings were planted on th hills surrounding JRI.

And peace be upon him, who will come up from the east to be the secret of the creation of heaven and earth! Peace be upon him, who brings good tidings of the day of revelation and the morning of God!

Hi to this green appearance that will prosper forever.

Greetings to you, who do not hesitate to look at this needy area for a moment…

Today, we planted saplings and gave the wish of all life to the breeze in Faraj, may the meeting be achieved and this infinite desire come true.

O the best on earth! On the top of this road, at the end of a green mile, our saplings were planted on the ground, so that their buds will go in the shade of your sun… Do not deprive us of this glorious spectacle.

This road ends with the light of the narcissus in your eyes.

And hi again… Hi to this green coming that has eternal prosperity.

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