Full Participation of JRI’s Private Law Group Researchers in the Family and Media Law Conference

The specialized conference named “Virtual Space, Harms and Opportunities in the Field of Family Protection” of the JRI, under the management of Dr. MohammadAmin Kikhai Farzaneh was held on Wednesday, Esfand 10, 1401, at the National Conference on Family Law and Media.

According to the public relations and information report of the Judiciary Research Institute, the Law Department of Refah Faculty as the host announced the purpose of holding the conference as a specialized exploration of media and family law related matters and especially its adaptation to Iranian and Islamic identity in order to use the achievements of this event and the solutions provided by the family institution to prevent media damage.

Dr. Leilasadat Asadi, university lecturer and retired judge, Dr. RuqayehSadat Momen, assistant professor of the law department of Imam Sadiq University (AS), Dr. Abbas Niazi, member of the academic council of the private law department of the JRI, and Dr. MohammadAmin Kikhai Farzaneh, director of the private law department of the JRI, studied the harms and opportunities of virtual space in protecting the family in the form of an expert panel. Also, two accepted articles by Dr. Maryam Mohajeri and Dr. Ahmadreza Mousavi from the Private Law group were presented in the meeting.

The information base of the National Conference of Family Law and Media invited those interested to participate in this meeting on Wednesday, Esfand 10 using the link lms.refah.ac.ir.

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