Hadi: Formation of the Islamic Government was the Miracle of the Century

The head of the Judiciary Research Institute called the establishment of the Islamic government and the dawn of the revolution in 1357 as a miracle in the current century.

According to the public relations and information of the Judiciary Research Institute, the commemoration ceremony of the victory of the Islamic Revolution of Iran was held on Wednesday 19th of Bahman. Dr. Mahdi Hadi said in this ceremony: The blessing of having a Shia government was the dream of many nations who could not experience it.

Hojjatul-Islam Dr. Hadi added: it is difficult to establish a government based on monotheism and create a suitable container for the presentation of Islamic teachings. Because of this, the access of the people to the jurist in the form of government and the implementation of Sharia rulings has been difficult.

In this ceremony, Ms. Tajali, activist and fighter during the revolution and a campaign companion of the Imam Khomeini (RA) in a video interview, expressed her memories of her presence in Paris and the need to preserve the achievements of the Islamic Revolution in the form of good deeds as the most important message of Imam Khomeini.

In the commemoration ceremony of the 44th anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, which was held with the efforts of the Basij Resistance Center of the JRI, in addition to showing the video of the words of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution and an outstanding employee of the Revolution, the researchers at the free tribune called “The Second Step of the Revolution; Assignments and Expectations” expressed their opinions.

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