Hadi: The International Image of the Islamic Republic should be Proportionate to the Lofty Status of Iran and Islam

The emphasis of the Supreme Leader on Judiciary to play an active role in the international arena prompted the Judiciary Research Institute to hold scientific and research meetings on the dimensions of the convention against torture.

According to the JRI Public Relations and Information, Hojjatu-Islam Dr. Mahdi Hadi, in the first meeting of “Examining the Accession of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the Convention Against Torture; Challenges and Opportunities”, pointed that the establishment of the Human Rights and International Group has been for playing an active role in providing scientific and research support to the judicial system.

He said: In addition to fulfilling the Supreme Leader’s wishes, the richness of religious resources and divine teachings on the issue of the prohibition of torture and attention to human dignity also made the establishment of this series of meetings possible. It has made it necessary to introduce the sublime concepts of the Islamic religion and legal capacities to move from a state of inactivity to demanding and make the image of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the international arena appropriate to the position of the great civilization of Iran and Islam.

The head of the Judiciary Research Institute added: These meetings do not emphasize the country’s joining the convention, and only by examining its dimensions, aim to prepare a scientific and research package for the country’s legal community, as well as introducing legal capacities against unfair attacks against the Islamic Republic of Iran.

He continued: Article 38 of the Constitution, Article 587 of the Islamic Penal Code, Article 9 of the Law on Respecting Legitimate Freedoms and Protection of Citizen Rights and Article 108 of the Prisons Organization Regulations (1400) explicitly refer to the prohibition of torture, but the addition of Iran needs the CAT to examine the challenges and obstacles that will be examined in the form of three meetings with the concepts of torture, examination of the provisions and nature of the obligations of the convention and its impact on Iran’s international obligations, examination of the procedure and interpretative theories of the Committee for the Prohibition of Torture, the application of the right of condition and Physical punishments are also discussed from the perspective of Islamic standards and provisions of the convention.

Dr. Hadi considered the conditional rights of Islamic countries to the convention as one of the accession considerations and said: In order to join this Convention, the degree of overlap with the country’s internal laws and existing gaps should be carefully examined.

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