The Message of JRI Head in Appreciation of the Broad Amnesty of Supreme Leader | An Atmosphere of Empathy in the Shadow of Wise Planning and Rational Approach

The head of the Judiciary Research Institute praised the wise decision of the Supreme Leader of the Revolution regarding the broad amnesty of the convicts of the recent riots, and also appreciated the approach of the head of the judicial system for this proposal.

Hojjatul-Islam Dr. Mahdi Hadi In the message said: “… the Supreme Leader’s order had a clear message for more empathy and consensus in society and displayed the authority of the Islamic Republic of Iran in a big decision to the point where its reverberation without distortion and It was transmitted to the whole world in the shortest time and disarmed Iran’s enemies for defensive reactions.”

In another part of this message, it has mentioned: “In recent incidents, a number of young people committed crimes due to the propaganda of the enemy, and this pardon was a response to their repentance and request for forgiveness, which can only be found in Islamic governance.”

Dr. Hadi In his message also called this smart action a countermeasure to the enemy’s assumption of recruiting youth as supporters and stated: “Today’s youth may make mistakes under the influence of their emotions, but today’s decision of the Leader of the revolution showed that his mistakes can be forgiven. and they should be given another chance.”

In his message, the head of the Judiciary Research Institute expressed his satisfaction with the sympathetic atmosphere of the society on the eve of the anniversary of the victory of the Islamic Revolution, and stated: “This forward-looking decision was a symbol of authority, strength and mercy in the islamic society, whose achievements must be preserved diligently.”

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